Dr Nick Maiden PhD

    Nick is a results oriented multi skilled professional with 39 years policing experience as a former Detective Sergeant in the South Australia Police (SAPOL). His major specialty is forensic ballistics, including terminal wound trauma evaluation. His knowledge has been further enhanced by achieving a PhD in Medicine.
    With his high energy, commitment, enthusiasm and technical background, he can adapt quickly to new work environments. His proven ability to conduct complex criminal and forensic investigations will ensure that he achieves successful outcomes in accordance with the core aims and goals of any designated project.


    Awards and Qualifications

    2016-2019 Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, James Cook University Cairns – Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine.
    2015-2017 Visiting Research Fellow and PhD supervisor, The University of Adelaide, School of Medicine, Discipline of Anatomy and Pathology.
    2005–2016 Member of the International Association of Firearm and Toolmark Examiners (AFTE)

    2014 Awarded ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ from Assistant Commissioner of Crime Service for development and presentation of ‘Policing Serious & Organised Crime’ package to all detectives, intelligence officers and prosecutors within SAPOL.
    2006 Awarded ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ from National Institute of Forensic Science for organising all logistics and presenting training lectures on the National Shooting Reconstruction Workshop in Adelaide, South Australia.
    2005 Awarded ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ from National Institute of Forensic Science for my involvement in developing and co-authoring the new National Training Curriculum for Forensic Firearm Examiners and advancing the science of Forensic Firearms Examination.
    2002-2003 Ballistics & Armoury Section representative on SAPOL Handgun Evaluation Committee – evaluating current operational handgun for current & future needs.
    1999-2010 SAPOL Firearms Scientific Working Group representative on national committee dealing with critical issues affecting the discipline.

    Career History

    • Former Crime Scene Investigator and supervisory Sergeant within Forensic Response Section, specialising in forensic firearms examination (forensic ballistics)
    • Former Sergeant in Charge of Ballistics & Armoury Section.
    • PhD in Medicine related to terminal wound ballistics and the development of an anatomical model for wound trauma evaluation. My PhD was part sponsored by DSTO.
    • Published author in a variety of internationally recognised forensic and medical journals.
    • Co-author National Training Curriculum for Forensic Firearm Examiners.
    • Nationally accredited expert in the discipline of forensic firearms examination (forensic ballistics). Also accepted as an expert witness by all categories of South Australia Criminal Courts.
    • Qualified armourer in a wide variety of weapons systems and munitions.
    • Nationally accredited counter terrorist and State based bomb scene examiner.
    • State qualified Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) scene and post-mortem coordinator/team leader.
    • Former detective posted to various general and specialist Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) sections. Investigated all categories of major and serious crimes.
    • Nationally accredited counter terrorist and State based negotiator.
    • Qualified trainer and assessor in a wide variety of criminal and forensic based subject matter.
    • Deputy Agency Security Advisor for SAPOL during last 2 years of service. Responsible for all protective security functions.

    Some Projects of Dr Nick Maiden PhD

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