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A company of eminent and passionate former senior Defence and defence industry personnel lead by Dr. Bill Schofield (former Director, DSTO-Melbourne), Dr. Daniel Ho (former DSTO scientist) and Mr Paul Barratt (former Defence Secretary). The aadi Defence team consists of former Defence chiefs, senior military leaders, scientists, CEOs and chairpersons of successful companies, technologists, commercialisation experts and experienced project managers.

Through our combined expertise, we provide subject matter experts, innovate new technologies, undertake complex project management, assist and lead in grant and funding applications as well as develop cornerstone strategies in engaging key stakeholders within industry and Government.



– the ability to think about or plan the future with wisdom

Vision is the art of seeing the invisible. However when persistently pursued without proper planning and the wisdom to avoid pitfalls, it is simply a grand pipe dream that leads nowhere.

aadi Defence prides itself on having the ability to see the invisible while possessing the full spectrum of wisdom, technical know-how, understanding of end user needs, access to resources, and the discipline needed to turn vision into reality.


Anybody can learn theories from text books. Often it is the intangibles, the black-art, the proprietary knowledge, the lessons learned through years of experience that mark the difference between excellence and mediocrity. aadi Defence’s team of eminent world authority experts, with their in-depth know-how, are here ready to assist you in achieving excellence.



– all technologies under one roof

There is no single area within defence science that aadi Defence does not have, or is able to access world authority on. There are also no applications of technology within Defence that aadi Defence is not able to determine if there was a sound business case for the technology. The combination of in-depth technical knowledge and comprehensive understanding of military concepts of operations gives aadi Defence the edge in determining viability of projects, and steering those with promise to highly successful outcomes.


Third party recognition and endorsement of members’ achievements speak louder than any claims that aadi defence can make about ourselves. Recent recognition include:

Paul Barratt: Adjunct Professor in The School of Humanities at the University of New England.

Dr Bill Schofield: Awarded Distinguished friend of the CRC (Cooperatives Research Centre) association.

Dr Alan Theobold: Recognized by the International Committee on Composite Materials- World Fellow 2015

Colin Martin: 2015 Lawrence Hargrave award from the Royal Aeronautical Society

Dr Simon Barter: 2015 Public Service Medal award

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