We help your business Succeed in the Defence and Public Sectors


We are a diverse team of technology and defence experts that strive to identify innovative solutions that can be utilised in both the defence sector and private sector.

In our opinion, technologies only succeed when pulled by real capability gaps. In aadi Defence we specialise in identifying unfilled capability gaps and shaping solutions to fill them; we assist clients by providing strategic guidance and market insight to ensure their products and services properly fulfills the needs of the end user.

Through our network of industry experts and unique collaborative formations aadi Defence successfully merges research, design and strategy to bring products to the defence market.

Our diverse range of clients is a perfect demonstration of the width and breadth of our ability to address a vast range of very different challenges, technologies, and innovations, as well as our ability to recognise and enhance projects by empowering our clients through our unique understanding of the end user.

We take pride in our collaborative teams customised for each project. They typically include:

  • Ex-military personnel who understand Defence acquisition processes
  • Former DSTO Scientists who understand current technologies and the expertise
  • to evaluate the technology concerned
  • Defence Industry experts who can identify pathways to market
  • Experts who understand the bureaucracy minefield involved in defence and government.

We are innovative consultants who represent companies both local and abroad, providing industry changing vision. We consult on

  • Technology evaluation
  • Business Case Development
  • Concept development and prototyping
  • Expert witness Support
  • Personnel development workshops
  • Specialised defence technology specific short courses
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