We help your business Succeed in the Defence and public sectors

Vision: To utilise our industry-specific knowledge, unite great minds and align common interests to produce exciting collaborations that deliver unique solutions to real world problems.

In aadi Defence we specialise in identifying unfilled capability gaps and shaping solutions to fill them; we believe technologies only truly succeed when pulled by real capability gaps.

We integrate market knowledge and strategic guidance to ensure our products and services fulfill the needs of the end user. We assist in the development of early technology and existing products that may be of interest to Defence or the private sector.

Our partnerships strengthen the future of a project; deepening expertise, expanding networks and delivering benefits to partners. We strive to bring products to the defence market through the harmonisation of research, design and strategy.

Our current partnerships are a testament to our ability to diversify and provide innovative solutions to a variety of industries and projects that present an array of vastly different challenges. We have an unique understanding of the end user and maintain a set of principles that synchronise our research and design strategy.

Our foundation for success is to foster an environment where our collaborators and partners can work in harmony, enhancing existing capabilities through hands on engagement of key stakeholders. Our collaborative teams are customised for each project, typically comprising:

  • Ex-military personnel who understand Defense concepts of operations and acquisition processes
  • Former DSTO Scientists who understand current technologies and the expertise to evaluate the technology concerned
  • Defence Industry experts who can identify pathways to market
  • Experts who understand the bureaucracy minefield involved in defence and government

We form partnerships with local and international companies delivering projects that have global applications. We deliver

  • Comercialisation pathways
  • Assistance in planning and delivering grant applications
  • Design Concepts
  • Technology review
  • Business Case development

Projects delivered with our Partners

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