Dr Bruce Hinton

    Dr Bruce Hinton has a depth and breadth of experience in research and development specializing in corrosion with 43 years in the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO). He is a research leader in corrosion inhibition, corrosion sensor development as well as corrosion fatigue. During his time with DSTO, Bruce and his team pioneered the use of corrosion preventative compounds (CPCs) for treating existing corrosion. This significantly reduced the downtime of aircraft by decreasing the requirement for lengthy maintenance and contributed to overall aircraft safety.

    He has acted extensively as a consultant to the Defence forces in the field of corrosion prevention and control in aircraft structures. He has co-authored patents, published national and international conference papers, DSTO reports and many award winning refereed papers in scientific literature.

    In the past 12 years he has been active in several CRCs as a leader, researcher and industry advisor. He is an active member of the Defence Materials Technology Centre (DMTC) Advisory Panel

    Awards and Qualifications

    • PhD Corrosion Engineering, University of Manchester, UK
    • B.Sc. (Metallurgy, Honours), University of Queensland
    • Life member of Australasian Corrosion Association
    • 2009 Frank Newman Speller Award
    • The Minister for Defence Award for Achievements in Defence Science
    • BAE Systems Chairman’s Award for innovation
    • F. Thompson Lecturer, Conference, ACA
    • Corrosion Medal , ACA (Australasian Corrosion Association)
    • Florence Taylor Medal , IMMA (Institute of Metals and Materials, Australasia)
    • Marshall Fordham Award, ACA (Australasian Corrosion Association)

    Career History

    • Specialist Associate at aadi Defence Pty Ltd
    • Adjunct Professor Deakin University, Institute of Technology Research and Innovation, Melbourne
    • Adjunct Professor, Monash University, Department of Materials
    • Principal Research Scientist, Corrosion Management Group, DSTO Melbourne
    • Head, Aircraft Corrosion Control Group, DSTO Melbourne
    • Principal Research Scientist, Ships Structures and Materials, Division -Aeronautical and Maritime Research Laboratory, DSTO
    • Principal Research Scientist, Airframes and Engines Division- Aeronautical and Maritime Research Laboratory, DSTO
    • Principal Research Scientist, Aircraft Materials Division- Aeronautical Research Laboratory, DSTO
    • Post Graduate Scholar, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, Corrosion and Protection Centre- UK
    Dr Bruce Hinton’s passion for understanding corrosion processes and methods to control corrosion is infectious and a great asset for all students and researchers with whom he has contact.
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