Dr David Forrester

    Dr. David Forrester has more than 35 years experience in machine condition monitoring, vibration analysis, machine dynamics, data acquisition, digital signal processing, computer programming and design of vibration analysis systems. He has over 50 publications including 3 book chapters. In 1998 he was awarded a Defence Research Fellowship to undertake research at the Institute of Sound & Vibration Research (University of Southampton) in the UK. He pioneered the use of time-frequency analysis for machinery fault diagnosis and developed epicyclic planet gear separation techniques which have been patented in Australia, the USA and Europe. He managed DSTO tasks in Advanced Condition Assessment Technologies, the commercial technology transfer of DSTO’s Advanced Gearbox Vibration to Honeywell, USA and the application of Vibration PHM technology to the multi-national Joint Strike Fighter (F-35).

    Awards and Qualifications

    • The Technical Cooperation Program Achievement Award
    • Chief Defence Scientist’s Certificate of Recognition
    • DSTO Achievement Award for Outstanding Corporate Contribution
    • DSTO Achievement Award for Best Innovative Research
    • Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering), Swinburne University of Technology.
    • Graduate Diploma in Scientific Leadership, Melbourne University.
    • Diploma of Applied Science (Computer Science), RMIT.

    Career History

    • Senior Fellow, Air Vehicles Division (DST Group)
    • Head Propulsion Prognostics & Health Management, Air Vehicles Division (DSTO)
    • Senior Research Scientist, Power Train Diagnostics, Air Vehicles Division (DSTO)
    • Visiting Academic, Institute of Sound & Vibration Research, University of Southampton, UK
    • Senior Research Scientist, Machine Dynamics, Air Vehicles Division (DSTO)
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