Dr Norbert Burman

    Dr Norbert Burman has broad expertise in energetic materials, ordnance systems and munitions effects performance assessment. In his 45-year career in the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) the results of his internationally recognised research are published in over 130 journal articles and DSTO reports. He has served on editorial committees for international conferences and symposia. As Research Leader in the Weapons Systems Division, he led both the Weapons Effects and the Energetic Materials Branches and, more recently, the Energetic Materials and Systems (EMS) Branch in the Weapons and Combat Systems Division.

    Earlier in his career he was Director of Maritime Programmes in the DSTO Melbourne Programme Office where he supported the Director of Aeronautical Maritime Research Laboratory, for which he received a DSTO Award. As Counsellor Defence Science in London UK, he represented DSTO and the Australian Defence Organisation on defence science and technology matters, and on technical collaboration with the UK, a number of European nations and NATO: a relationship which he initiated.

    Awards and Qualifications

    • DSTO Award for his role as Director of Maritime Programmes
    • PhD (Materials Engineering), Monash University
    • Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons) (Secondary Metallurgy), University of Adelaide

    Career History

    • Specialist Associate aadi Defence Pty Ltd
    • Research Leader – Energetic Materials and Systems, DSTO/DSTG Salisbury
    • DSTO Counsellor Defence Science, Australian High Commission, London UK
    • Director Program Office (Maritime), DSTO Fishermans Bend
    • Principal Research Scientist, DSTO Maribyrnong
    • AUS/US Scientist Exchange, Ballistics Research Laboratory, Aberdeen Proving Ground, USE & Defense Research Establishment Valcartier, Canada
    Dr Burman has 45 years’ experience working with a broad range of defence weapons systems and explosive ordnance and has an outstanding record of leading and successfully working with teams from a broad range of backgrounds
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