Project Name: Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) & Health Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) for the mining sector

Brief Introduction:

In Oct 2015, Defence Innovation, a company jointly owned by aadi Defence and Procept will demonstrate a wireless sensor system called NIFTY on a RAAF PC-9 test aircraft.  The same base technology could be used for CBM and HUMS in sectors such as mining and transport.

Defence Innovations is currently exploring such potential applications with AMOG Technologies.

Project Lead: AADI Defence

Project Partners:  AMOG Technology Pty Ltd

Objective: To develop a wireless sensor solution for use in the resources and transport sectors

Our Specialist Team:

Dr Daniel Ho

Dr Daniel Ho was responsible and is the key technologist behind the NIFTY project for the RAAF.  Daniel also has good technical understanding of the resources and transport sectors and the application of CBM and HUMS within the military.

Warren Canning

Warren Canning is a highly recognised complex project manager and expert negotiator.  He is also on the board of Defence Innovations.

Dr. Bill Schofield

In addition to being a Director of Defence Innovations, Dr Schofield is the current Chairman of AMOG Technologies.  As such, Bill has the responsibility to look after the interests of both companies, to ensure outcomes are fair and mutually beneficial


Procept Pty Ltd:

A specialist in microelectronics and wireless communication technology firm.  aadi Defence formed a jointly owned company with Procept because it has demonstrated

  • A track record of developing smart low powered wireless communication devices
  • A track record of developing smart technologies (thinking outside the box)
  • A willingness to pursue the project as a partner rather than simply as a sub-contractor
  • A deep chest of proprietary know-how and firmware, suitable for this project
  • Ability to deliver on time and on budget
  • Excellent communication skills

AMOG Technologies (AMOG)

Although Defence Innovations is fully aware of the problems facing the resources and transport sectors, it has limited access to the key decision makers in the companies within these sectors.  AMOG on the contrary has a reputation underpinned by a proven track record in solving difficult engineering problems in these sectors.

AMOG with their reputation, engineering know-how, and access, Defence Innovation’s NIFTY technology, and a track record of past relationship seemed a synergy too good to not try and explore the potential opportunities together.

Timeline/ Key Milestones:

2014-2015: AMOG began to circulate the NIFTY concept within its network

2015: AMOG and Defence Innovation jointly delivered a system to Origin Energy

2015: AMOG and Defence Innovation are exploring system for HUMS on mining machinery.