PROJECT NAME: Unique Protective Coating Technologies

Brief Introduction:

Australian Quality Lacquers (AQL) are a medium sized paint and varnish supply company located in N.S.W. In 2007 they approached aadi Defence with a new product they had developed, a protective adhesive coating system that could be applied to any metallic surface, regardless of lustre, shape or size. They believed their product was superior to other commercially available coating systems. They approached aadi Defence because they wanted a team of subject area experts to assess their product and assist in developing a clear path for commercialisation with a specific interest in the Defence industry.

Project Lead: Australian Quality Lacquers

Project Partners: AADI Defence

Objective: To produce a research strategy for commercialisation of the protective adhesive coating system as developed by AQL.

Our Specialist Team:

Dr Daniel Ho

Dr Ho has significant experience in corrosion mitigation and protective coatings. This experience aligns him with the ability to identify potential “problems” relevant to this “technology” and allow him to shape the project to target these opportunities.

Dr Bill Schofield

Dr Schofield is an expert in sustainment issues caused by corrosion and degradation with a decade of experience in offshore oil and gas and career long experience in the naval and aerospace engineering and sustainment. He has the ability to identify the benefits of the technology and to connect with the relevant stakeholders

Dr Bruce Hinton

Dr Hinton is a leader in corrosion research with an international reputation for his cutting edge research. He is an instrumental member of the scientific team in developing sound testing, evaluation and development.

VADM David Shackleton

VADM David Shackleton is a former Chief of Navy and can guide the team as to any potential issues that might affect the Naval fleet.

AIRCDRE Noel Schmidt

AIRCDRE Schmidt although no longer as Director General Technical Airworthiness of RAAF remains highly active in RAAF; he is on the RAAF’s Airworthiness Review Board. He is well versed on engineering matters that are a result of corrosion related damage and has the ability to advise on potential applications of the technology.

The Timeline:

The Science:

First our key area experts had to assess the technology and provide a sound plan for scientific testing and evaluation. Testing of the protective coating by an independent laboratory provided us with impartial results and we could confidently conclude that the product represented a leap in coating technologies. Through standardised and popular corrosion test methods it exhibited unrivalled performance in corrosion protection and compatible substrates.

Competitive Edge

Our Corrosion experts had to identify potential problems for the relevant technology and shape the project to target these opportunities. We also had the product tested within Defence against alternative Defence protective systems and the product performed “best in class”. Identification of the benefits of this technology is integral to maintaining a competitive edge and developing business cases that can be supported by stakeholders.

The Perfect Fit for Defence:

We are a cohesive team that has unique insight into the complexities of Defence technology. The core members of our project team are integral in advising on the following: knowledge of the complex and sophisticated Defence organization; knowledge of sustainment issues caused by corrosion and coating degradation, knowledge of current issues plaguing the fleet (RAN) and the consequences of these issues on navy readiness and operations. The result: prioritising potential opportunities and ensuring that solutions for RAN are “fit for purpose”. Other considerations include: knowledge of engineering matters affecting the capabilities of the RAAF, including corrosion related damage and thus advise on potential applications.


Recent testing has shown that the Technology is class leading in performance. aadi Defence is now responsible for commercialisation of this technology.