Australian Quality Lacquer


PROJECT: Unique Protective

Partnership: Australian Quality Lacquers

The Brief:

Corrosion is the physical degradation of a material due to a chemical reaction with its environment. Corrosion damage in metals can lead to major component failure as well as mechanical failure or structural failure and in many industries this results in serious downtime of equipment.

One of the most cost effective way to protect metals exposed to harsh industrial and/or environmental conditions is to apply a corrosion protective coating; thus minimizing both costly maintenance and potential downtime but in some cases the cost of new infrastructure.

The Problem:

Existing costing systems are

  • Unique to substrate materials. i.e. different substrates require different coating formulations
  • To achieve the desired level of protection, existing coating systems are relatively thick – Aviation coatings are typically >100?m; Marine coatings are >300?m. Thick coatings on large structures translate to significant weight.
  • Existing coating systems are unable to adhere onto polished metal surfaces. Thus any components such as propellers with polished finishes cannot be protected using existing coating systems.

The Solution:

Unique Protective Coating System

Highlights of the System (current):

  • Full coating system effective from a dry film thickness of 20?m 
  • One single primer system for all metals and most polymer substrates 
  • Performance
    • Solvent resistant (exceeds ASTM D4752) 
    • Salt Spray resistance (>1000 hours, <1 mm under film corrosion; zero blistering) 
    • Ultraviolet light/condensing humidity exposure (QUV>1000 h) 
    • Passed the Cross hatch Adhesion testing pre and post exposure 
  • Primer compatible with top coats from other OEMs 
  • Available in clear, translucent colours, and opaque 
  • Cleaning preparation requires only the use of proprietary “non-toxic” cleaning solution that is rated as safe for discharge into waterways.


Transportation equipment



Structural metal applications




Mining, Oilfield, Industrial

Automotive industries