Bushfire Investigations


PROJECT NAME: Bushfire Investigations

Brief Introduction:

In February 2009 Australia’s worst ever bush fire disasters occurred after a series of bushfires burnt across Victoria in extreme weather conditions leaving a path of destruction. A number of Class Action lawsuits resulted as a consequence of the damages and losses suffered by the people who lived in the affected areas.

Blue Mountain Bushfires in 2013: Extreme weather conditions led to a number of bush fires in the Blue Mountains region during October 2013.

Clients: SP AusNet, NSW Government, Lander & Rogers Lawyers

Objective: To determine root failure mechanism for the bushfires.

aadi Defence Investigation Team:

aadi Defence added value:

aadi Defence is a group of specialised consultants who are respected experts and leaders in their chosen fields. Our team has significant experience in a variety of fields creating a unique highly skilled team. As the bushfire cases are predominately related to the possibility of the fires being caused by the electrical distribution network, aadi Defence was engaged to provide Subject Matter Experts to support the failure investigation.

Insight into Materials:

Dr Simon Barter:

Dr Simon Barter is one of Australia’s eminent materials fatigue scientist. He is the lead subject matter expert for the Bushfire investigations.

Dr Daniel Ho:

Dr Ho is a specialist in materials engineering, corrosion and structural failure investigation. He is the subject matter expert supporting Simon Barter in this investigation.

The Outcome:

A Successful investigation:

aadi Defence was engaged in 2010 to provide Subject Matter Expert advice for a number of Class Action lawsuits initiated in the Supreme Court of Victoria in 2010. aadi Defence continues to provide technical support to a number of bushfire related Class Action lawsuits and Coronial Inquiry.