Newmont Mining Corporation


PROJECT NAME: Failure Investigation: Helicopter

Brief Introduction:

Newmont Mining Corporation is one of the world’s leading gold producers. They operate on five continents in several countries and are an industry leader in safety and sustainability. They champion a workplace that is a culture of zero harm and a workplace free of injuries. In November 2011 a helicopter crash in central Indonesia resulted in the death of two people prompting Newmont to launch an investigation.

Client: Newmont Mining Corporation


To launch an investigation into the helicopter crash and perform root-cause analysis. Furthermore to provide a world-class air investigation team to advise on potential operational changes to prevent reoccurrence.

aadi Defence Investigation Team:

aadi Defence added value:

aadi Defence is a group of specialised professionals who are respected experts and leaders in their chosen fields. Our team has significant experience in a variety of fields; together they create a uniquely skilled team. This investigation required a team who specialises in the operation of helicopters, failure investigation and aircraft structure.

Insight into Aviation:

AirCDRE Noel Schmidt

Noel Schmidt has is an expert in aircraft airworthiness and failures and his outstanding performance in this field has lead to many awards in this field. He currently serves in a number of airworthiness boards for the RAAF and has extensive knowledge of aircraft operations and failures. He was invaluable in this investigation.

Mr Rod Locket

Mr Locket is a subject matter expert on aircraft structural integrity. He is an engineer who has spent the majority of his career in the maintenance and modifications of RAAF aircraft.

Brig Mark Patch

Brig Mark Patch is an expert on helicopter operations as well as having extensive experience in air crash investigations.

MajGen Jim Molan

As a military helicopter pilot and a firefighting helicopter pilot, MajGen Molan has extensive experience with underslung load operations, which was relevant to the investigation.

The Outcome:

A Successful investigation:

aadi Defence conducted a world-class investigation into the helicopter crash. Our investigation led to the identification of the cause of the crash; this differed significantly from the initial findings by the local authorities. Our subject matter experts at aadi Defence were further engaged to develop new operational procedures for the use of helicopters at Newmont Mining Corporation.