Brief Introduction:

PODS are collapsible portable storage solutions in three different sizes that are convenient, cost-effective and solve a wide range of storage needs. PODS is widely used for moving solutions and as alternative house and business storage solutions. In the U.S.A; agencies use PODS containers during facility renovations, for onsite storage, relocation of employees and for personal storage and even temporary housing during disaster relief situations.

Client: AUSPODS Pty Ltd.


To establish a relationship with the PODS team and develop a business case for the use of PODS within Defence.

The Technology:

The PODS technology is a unique and versatile solution for storage with direct relevance to Defence. The storage solution is currently being used in a variety of commercial applications in the U.S.A and Australia. The portable storage containers are easy to transport and when empty can be flat packed for transport; reducing costly transportation challenges. The containers are versatile, easy to move once onsite, strong, secure and weather resistant. There is a wide range of potential applications within defence; logistics for deployment opportunities, storage solutions at defence facilities, relocation of personnel and disaster relief.

The Outcome:

PODS achieved sales into the Australian Department of Defence.

This was a direct result of

  1. An aggressive business case for the use of PODS storage for a variety of defence applications; developed by aadi Defence.
  2. Identification of potential end use and development of user needs requirements; developed by aadi Defence.
  3. Development of supporting technical reports including testing data to justify the benefits of the PODS system; conducted by aadi Defence.
  4. Connect with key decision makers and end users; facilitated by aadi Defence.

aadi Defence Competitive Edge:

Innovative Technologies: We are interested in innovative solutions that can be applied to the field of defence; however this does not limit the technology from being used in non Defence related applications. We believe this innovation is a perfect fit for defence where deployment applications require portability and practicality; both essential criteria for an efficient logistics plan.

Insight into Defence:

We are a unique team of consultants who have extensive experience in the field of defence and an understanding of the defence organisation. We have strong ties to the DSTO and a highly valued relationship with other Defence organisations. We draw on our skills and experience and our networks to build collaborative efforts to add value to your project.