Brief Intro:

Senetas is an Australian company that develops and manufactures very fast encryption devices for the protection of transmitted data for defence and civilian customers. It sells its products around the world.

Client: Senetas


While Senetas sold its equipment to the US Military and Australian civilian companies it had difficulty selling them into the Australian defence sector.

The Science:

The volume of data transmission is rising rapidly throughout the world and there is an increasing requirement for encryption devices that will encrypt very large rates of data without slowing down the transmission rate.

The Outcome:

aadi Defence’s knowledge of the Defence Department and its contacts in the major Australian defence contractors enabled a high level presentation in ‘Australian defence English’ to be developed with Senetas . This was followed up by aadi Defence arranging a series of introductions and meetings with relevant officials: aadi Defence attended the meetings interpreted the response and worked with Senetas to map out follow up strategies.

aadi Defence Competitive Edge:

Innovative Technologies:

We are interested in innovative solutions that can be applied to the field of defence; however this does not limit the technology from being used in non Defence related applications.

Insight into Defence:

We are a unique team of consultants who have extensive experience in the field of defence and an understanding of the defence organisation. We have strong ties to the DSTO and a highly valued relationship with other Defence organisations. We draw on our skills and experience and our networks to build collaborative efforts to add value to your project.