Wireless Sensor Network for Asset health monitoring (HUMS/CBM)


PROJECT NAME: Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) & Health Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) for the mining sector

The Brief:

Making installation of sensors for CBM and HUMS easier and cheaper

The Problem

Existing sensor systems are wired based, requiring physical wiring connections between sensors and the data loggers both to transmit the measured data and supply power to the sensors.

Installation of wired sensors is a cumbersome process. For large or complex structures, it is not uncommon for such installations requiring hundreds of man-hours. Repairs to these systems also require hundreds of man-hours to diagnose and identify the area of damage and relay of the damaged wiring/sensors.

From an engineering and maintenance viewpoint, the more important a piece of equipment is, the more reasons there are to implement CBM/HUMS. However, such equipment are also crucial to production and costs millions of dollars per day in lost production during the installation (and repair) of the sensor system.

The Solution:

NIFTY – A reliable, easy to install wireless sensor network

Highlights of Our System (Scheduled for 2016):

  • No wires
  • EMI/EMC certified to MIL standards
  • Long battery endurance (battery replacement during planned major shutdowns)
  • Base version measures acceleration and strain
  • Plug-and-play for new additional sensor locations; Just install the new sensor at the desired location
  • Data storage at one single location at the Gateway – easy data retrieval
  • Data can be transmitted via the internet back to HQ
  • Remote control of the system from HQ (requires internet connection)


  • Mining machines such as drag-lines, re-claimers, loaders, cranes, etc
  • Train carriages, axles, drawbars, etc
  • Drive shafts